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Packaging pays a vital role in protecting and preserving lots of items.

There are many types of packaging from large cardboard boxes to everyday items such as cans, glass jars and plastic trays. Buying items with too much packaging generates a lot of waste and wastes money too. It can be also be confusing knowing which packaging can be recycled.

Recycling labels on packaging

Recycling labels can be baffling as different parts of the country recycle different items and in different ways. Many retailers have adopted a new labelling system which clearly states how easy it is to recycle the packaging in most areas. In Greater Manchester, the only plastic you can put in your recycling bin is plastic bottles. 

Easy steps to reduce packaging

  1. Buy fruit and vegetables loose
  2. Buy refills for washing detergents, herbs and spices, coffee and hand wash
  3. Don’t buy individual or individually wrapped items
  4. Buy concentrated squashes and fabric conditioners, they last longer and save money
  5. Find your local milkman and have your milk delivered to your door. On average a glass milk bottle from a milkman is re-used 20 times before it is recycled.

You can also visit the WRAP website to find out more about packaging.

If you believe an item is over packaged, you can contact Trading Standards, who will investigate for you.


What happens to packaging I can't recycle?

The packaging that you put in your general bin that can't be recycled such as plastic bags, tubs and trays is used for energy recovery.

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