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Recycle Right

In Greater Manchester, we are currently recycling 45% of our rubbish.    By putting the right stuff in the right bin we can recycle even more.  

East steps to recycle right:

1.    Know what you can recycle

Visit Recycling in your Area for information about recycling at home and locate your nearest Recycling Centre.

2.   Check for recycling in every room

As well as recycling the stuff from  your living room and kitchen, don't forget the rooms upstairs, especially your bathroom.

3.   Make sure items are empty

Just give your bottles and jars a quick rinse before you put them in your recycling bin.

4.   Keep recycling out of plastic bags

Put your recycling loose in your mixed recycling bin and paper and card bin

Only use compostable liners to put your food waste in

5.  Keep these items out of your recycling bin
Putting these items in your recycling bin affects the recycling process making it harder to sort and recycle the correct items.

  • plastic bags
  • plastic food trays
  • plastic food
  • bags
  • plastic tubs and pots
  • nappies

All the mixed recycling from homes in Greater Manchester is sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility in Manchester.

Watch the film below to find out how it works.









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