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Paper, furniture, bikes, clothing and washing machines are just some of the items that can be re-used.

Repairing or donating broken appliances, re-using carrier bags when shopping, donating old clothes to charity are all easy things you can do to help others and give everyday items a new lease of life.

Re-use can save you money, help you earn reward points and will significantly rduce your carbon footprint. 

It takes energy to manufacture a new product. Re-using can have a big impact on CO2 emissions.

Six Top Re-Use Tips

  1. Wash out food jars and use them for storage.
  2. Say NO to single use plastic bags and use bags for life when you go shopping. Alternatively store re-usable/plastic bags in the boot of your car or handbag ready for your next shopping trip.
  3. Donate your bike to a local recycling scheme once you have finished with it. Buying a new bike? Why not pick up a bargain from a re-use scheme?
  4. Use rechargeable batteries which can be re-used many times. They are available from most electrical stores and local supermarkets.
  5. Buy, donate, upcycle or swap unwanted clothes,. Locate your nearest charity shops to buy or donate.
  6. Buy or donate second hand furniture and white goods such as a sofa or washing machine.
Shopping bags in a car


Did you know?

We produced over 1 million tonnes of waste in Greater Manchester in 2010


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