About 10.8 million tonnes of packaging is used in the UK each year

A lot of packaging can be recycled like drink cans, food tins, glass bottles, foil trays and cardboard. There is also a lot of packaging made of plastic that cannot be recycled, like bubble wrap, polystyrene, tubs and trays.

So the best way to waste less is to choose to buy things with packaging that can be recycled or has less packaging.

Here’s how:

Buy loose

Fruit and veg have their own natural packaging – skin. So instead of buying them wrapped in plastic, go loose.

Go reusable not disposable

Instead of using cling film and sandwich bags, use Tupperware tubs or reuse plastic take out trays – they make good lunch box containers

Buy bulk

Buying things in bulk sizes means less packaging and also saves you money at the same time

Buy Refills

You can buy refills for things like washing detergents, herbs and spices, coffee and handwash

Take it back

Some larger supermarkets have plastic carrier bag collection points.  As well as plastic bags some also take types of plastic films too, such as plastic bread bags and plastic cereal bags.

Found an item that is over packaged? Contact Trading Standards.

All is not lost

All the packaging that cannot be recycled that you put in your general rubbish bin is made into electricity.

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