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You can make compost at home or we can turn your food and garden waste into Revive Compost in one of our four In Vessel Composting facilities.

Composting is another form of recycling because it's creating something new; in this case nutrient rich soil, out of something thrown away. 

Composting at home is simple and easy and we have all the information to get you started from buying a bin using your compost. Making your own compost is a free way to help your garden bloom.

In Vessel Composting is what we do with all the food and garden waste your local council collects. It is a home composter on a giant scale that allows us to turn your food and garden waste into a compost.

The compost is then blended at a separate facility with forestry by-products and turned in to Revive compost which can be used for your very own allotment, garden and potted plants.

Find out more about In Vessel Composting and how it works.





Earth knows no desolation.
She smells regeneration in the moist breath of decay ~ George Meredith


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