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Recycle Right

When recycling it’s important we put the right stuff in the right bin.

Not sure what goes in your recycling bins? Check out the information about what you can recycle in your area .

When recycling at home the motto is: If in doubt leave it out!


Find out what happens to your mixed recycling:

We have been delivering campaigns in areas of Greater Manchester to help increase recycling.

To find out more information visit our campaign pages:

Right Stuff Right Bin

Metal Matters



Only this stuff goes in your...

...Mixed recycling bin

Aerosols Cans and tins

Foil and foil trays

Glass bottles and jars (no lids) Plastic bottles all types (no lids) Milk bottles


... Paper and card recycling bin

Cardboard Cardboard cartons Mail
Mixed paper Newspapers Telephone directories and magazines


...Food and garden recycling bin

Fruit and veg peelings All cooked and uncooked food Garden waste
Meat and bones Teabags