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Salford Road, Over Hulton Facility Goes Greener

Date Released: 27th Apr 2015
Time Released: 15:00pm

Construction is scheduled from April to June and once complete the energy generated will help power the three main facilities which include an In-Vessel Composting (IVC) facility that recycles food and garden waste into compost, a recycling centre and a Transfer Loading Station. Any surplus energy g...

GMWDA shortlisted for National Recycling Award

Date Released: 27th Apr 2015
Time Released: 2:00pm

The unique two year project co-financed 50/50 between the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authorit...

Greater Manchester showcases community recycling initiatives

Date Released: 20th Apr 2015
Time Released: 10:00am

The seminar showcased key findings from the project which has delivered 42 innovative recycling camp...

Greater Manchester residents have been ‘sew inspired’

Date Released: 2nd Apr 2015
Time Released: 2:00pm

Junk Shop is a well-established sustainable fashion retailer based in the Northern Quarter of Manche...

Revive Compost donation for St Catherine’s Academy - Bolton

Date Released: 30th Mar 2015
Time Released: 2:00pm

The Gardener in Residence project has been developed in partnership between Bolton St Catherine&rsqu...

Celebrity Chef Richard Fox can help you save £700 per year on your food bill

Date Released: 10th Mar 2015
Time Released: 3:00pm

At the events you will be able to see how using your leftovers can really make a tasty meal and a di...

Children learn to recycle with Bin Bunny game

Date Released: 11th Feb 2015
Time Released: 2:00pm

Originally designed for students as a recycling app, the web version has been developed to provide a...

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